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Open Education Leadership Program 2021-2022

Amanda Langdon

Open Education Leadership Fellow


Amanda Langdon earned her bachelors’ in Medieval Studies and Comparative Religion, and her Masters in Library & Information Science. She was “volun-told” to become Adams State University’s first OER Librarian, and from the introductory webinar, became an immediate convert and passionate advocate. Adams State is Colorado’s first HSI, and the school is struggling to meet the financial and educational needs of first-generation, minority, and generally underserved student populations. It is her sincere belief that OER and Open Education more broadly are great means to serve that end, and to fulfil the campus’ mission/vision/values statements which emphasize access to quality education for all.

Amanda has led numerous workshops, lunch-and-learn sessions, and events (including developing and hosting Open Ed Week schedules in 2020 & 2021). She has developed an Open Education Committee on campus and is working with faculty, instructional designers, and administration to make OER/Open Ed a desirable and well-supported option on campus. She’s coordinating nearly all elements of OER (minus instructional design/platform integration), including outreach and education, resource identification and assessment for faculty, assistance with adoption, accessibility issues, print-on-demand options, licensing/copyright concerns, and more. She is thrilled to be part of SPARC’s Open Ed cohort, and is eager to learn as many new things as the program offers to teach!

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